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I started a community!

So, I've never started a community. And now I did.
This all started when Adam made a joke that I didn't get and I tried to think of a way to make everyone happy. And isn't making everyone happy what Santa's all about? So, I thought we could do a livejournal Secret Santa (or Genitalia Santa, but only if you've been keeping up on my lj, 'cause otherwise, you'll think I'm a pervert and send inappropriate gifts).
Why You are Santa:
I invited you 'cause I like you, thought you would be interested, and trust you with my address. More people can be invited to join, but we have to figure out a system so that everyone feels comfortable with those invited and this doesn't get to be too big of a group. Any ideas for how to accomplish that out would be great.
Agenda for Our Community:
  1. Figure out who else is joining and establish a solid community of dependable, trustworthy Santas.
  2. Figure out our gift price-range.
  3. Create a survey to fill out to help each of our personal Santas find the perfect gift for each of us.  I have a survey that I use for Thuper Thursday Thecret Thanta that we can modify or use or ignore.
  4. Designate a Survey due date.
  5. Figure out where the surveys are going to be sent and the best way to anonymously pick them.  My current idea is to give them to my brother who will randomly number them and then have each person contact him and either choose a number until they get an untaken survey that isn't their own or just give them the survey in the order that they approach him unless it's their own.  It's not very efficient, so if you have a better way, that'd be good.
Okay.  I hope you all like the idea and want to participate.  You're awesome.
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